Ivory Wedding Flip Flops

Published: 26th May 2010
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Ivory is in, and though a lot of ivory bridal shoes can be dyed, the new rage is just to leave these shoes in their original snow-white glory for your wedding day. Ivory shoes will typically go well with wedding dress. The bright, neutral coloring will not take away from your ensemble; rather, it will add a subtle compliment instead.

Typical wedding shoes can often be uncomfortable. Now you have the option to throw on a stylish but comfortable shoe that still says, "It's my wedding day!" Either switch out your formal shoes for these flip flops or wear them as your primary wedding footwear. Ivory wedding flip flops are available in low heeled and high heeled styles to fit your preference and needs on your big day. You can find them with unique and glamorous embellishments to suit your personality and fashion sense. Add some color as well in the embellishment without losing the essence of the ivory shoe. It's so easy for a bride to find the perfect ivory flip flop for her wedding day with so many from which to choose!

Ivory wedding flip flops are available in a low-to-the-ground option. This heel is between flat to an inch or two in height, a good "in between" area, but there are no granny shoes here! Comfort and youthful style are what it's all about these days.

If you're more of an authentic girly-girl who loves wearing a higher heel, then there are ivory wedding flip flops for you, too. These flip flops are stylish and comfy with a bit of a heel, as tall as 3.5 inches, and are reminiscent of a platform shoe.

The cost of ivory wedding flip flops will vary but will typically run in a range between $15 and $50. Though these might wind up being one of the cheapest purchases made for your wedding, you can count on the fact that they will be worth millions to you and your feet!

If your normal shoe size runs between an 8 and a 8.5, then get an 8. If you are between 8.5 and 9, you will want the 9 to ensure a good fit. This is true of all sizes when buying ivory wedding flip flops.

The type of shoe you choose for your wedding is an often overlooked importance. You want style and comfort to keep your big day running smoothly. You want the focus to be on your spouse and your future together, not your feet!

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